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multi-disciplinary art 
& brand design


art ≠ content

love ≠ passion

vocation ≠ job

life ≠ free time


intentional ≠ calculated

satisfied ≠ complacent

impactful ≠ popular

important ≠ relevant

attractive ≠ aesthetic

appreciated ≠ liked

vital ≠ desired

I have what every artist in human history has always had — inspiration and the desire to create; a small voice within, guiding my actions. I have no guarantees, but a chance. I have a dream and a vision. I have the other souls who are out there feeling the same feelings, and the cosmic threads that lead us to one another, some way, somehow.

It is important to make distinctions between what history has proven to matter and what we are simply told to care about. I reach for what matters as I'm drawn towards the world's noise.


These are the nonequivalents that keep me up at night. These are the things pulling me in different directions.


my work




Spring '23

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