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Zoë Cloud SS22

brand design ₀₁

This brand aesthetic utilizes comforting hues, patterns and textures. It leans into classic designs and timeless environments. It is the lakeside cabin, the family & friends summer house, the local scenery of a historic town. It is breakfast in bed, the coolest pair of linen pajamas, a book too good to put down. It's dinner parties and small gatherings, feminine florals and masculine stripes. It's sunshine and candlelight, green landscapes and cozy interiors.

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Traditional logotypes inspired by small, established, local shops

color palette

Feminine pastels and earth tones



・Freight Big Cmp Pro SemiBold

・Freight Big Cmp Pro SemiBold Italic

・Nautica Bold


・Freight Big Cmp Pro SemiBold Italic


・Freight Big Pro Regular


Classic, cozy, timeless, warm, summery

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